Why Your Minnesota Garage Floor Needs Epoxy

Minnesota may be the land of 10,000 lakes, but those lakes stay frozen for a good 60% of the year. At some point or another, every Minnesotan has added to that number in their garage as well. We pull in and park at night, only to wake up the next morning to find lakes of puddles throughout our garage floors. Over time, even concrete garage floors will buckle to this type of moisture. Unfortunately, this is just one of many problems your garage floor is probably up against thanks to Minnesota weather.

The good news is that there’s a solution. At Concrete Coatings Unlimited, we can pour epoxy over your garage floor so, once it hardens, you won’t have to worry about winter taking its toll on it ever again.

Epoxy floors are renowned for the seamless membrane they form over the concrete below them. The result is that water simply won’t be able to get through. This also makes it much easier to simply mop away or squeegee out the water as needed.

Even when the water sits there, epoxy floors are slip-resistant, providing you a safer garage. You have enough to worry about trying to stay upright when walking through our months-long winter wonderland. Why make your garage equally as treacherous?

What about all that salt we drag in? It can be a lot of help outdoors, but once it mixes with the melted water and gets ground into the floor by your vehicle, it’s only a matter of time before your floor pays the price. Again, this is where countless Minnesotans have protected their garage floors with epoxy. Whether you live in Minneapolis or you’re out in Lakeville, you know eventually your vehicle is going to bring in some salt with it.

Finally, most of us in Minnesota prefer a heavier vehicle. Convertibles are all well and good for the week-and-a-half of summer we get, but the winter months will eat it alive. As you can imagine, though, trucks, SUVs and full-sized sedans put a lot of pressure on garage floors. Cover it in epoxy, though, and that weight won’t be a problem. There’s a reason you’ll find epoxy floors in most warehouses: they are great for heavy vehicles.

It doesn’t matter if your home is down in Savage or up in Orono, Minnesota winters are never easy on us. At least with epoxy floors, though, the floors in our garages don’t have to suffer unnecessarily.