Improve Your Minneapolis Home with Concrete

Saint Paul may be the capitol, but everyone knows Minneapolis is where you want to live in Minnesota. It doesn’t matter if you like the busy city, the relaxed suburbs or something in between, Minneapolis offers it all. Of course, you still want to make sure your home gives you plenty to be excited about too. One great way to do this is with stained concrete.

While it may sound self-explanatory, you have to see stained concrete to appreciate how beautiful it is. Forget about the concrete you may have in your garage. This is completely different.

The process begins with pouring concrete and allowing it to dry. Then an acid-based stain is added to bring out any of a number of different colors and hue already inherent in the concrete itself. Most people, when they first see concrete that has been stained, think it must be marble. You can’t blame them (and you’ll never have to correct them), but stained concrete is far more affordable.

This is just one advantage to staining concrete in your home. Unlike marble, you have far more variation in its appearance. While the staining that occurs is largely a natural process based on the reaction between the chemicals and the concrete itself, you can also use various stencils to direct where it goes and, ultimately, how it appears.

Sometimes beautiful floors can be a liability though. If your Minneapolis home has hardwood floors, you already know this. Many people can’t have pets or allow people to wear heels in their homes because of how easily the floor can scratch or dent.

Obviously, this isn’t a concern with concrete. Just because staining it makes concrete look more beautiful doesn’t mean it makes it fragile. It will still be able to offer the same amount of durability as you’d expect.

The other great thing about using stains is that it can work on your preexisting floors. If you live in the Uptown area or in Northeast Minneapolis, your home may be a bit older, meaning you could have concrete floors from decades ago. Instead of paying thousands upon thousands of dollars to rip them out and start over, why not just add a stain to it? Most times, once some preparatory work has been done you can then add a stain to the concrete.

Every homeowner in Minneapolis should know about stained concrete. It will give your home floors that are unrivaled in terms of beauty and durability.