Concrete Densifiers Deliver New Trend for Garage Floors

When it comes to sealing garage floors, it is important to make sure the right product is used. One product that has become a new trend in garage floor sealers is a concrete densifier. While this product is not actually new, what is new is the use of a densifier as a treatment for garage floors. The use of siliconate agents and silicone, which can serve as sealers, has led to concrete densifiers becoming a product of choice for sealing garage floors. As a result, the floor becomes water repellant as well as resistant to other liquids.

Densifiers have been recognized as excellent hardeners for concrete for many years. In the flooring industry, concrete densifiers have commonly been used for abrasion resistance, floor polishing, and anti-dusting. When a densifier is applied to the concrete, it is able to penetrate the concrete’s surface and react with the substance that provides concrete with its renowned strength, CSH. As a result, the open pores inside the concrete are filled with CSH, increasing the concrete’s density.

Other Benefits of Densifiers for Sealing Garage Floors

Along with repelling water, densifiers can help repel chemicals and oils along with other fluids. Even if the floor in question is stained concrete, it is still possible to use a densifier to deliver the benefits of sealing. In many instances, the use of a densifier can also help bring out the beautiful hue of a stained concrete garage floor.

In addition to easier maintenance and protection from liquids, densifiers add abrasion resistance and strength. Densifiers can also provide an important moisture barrier for the floors in a garage without peeling or changing colors. Since application time is minimal, the floor can often be ready to receive traffic within a couple of hours.