What Orono Business Owners Need to Look for When Selecting Low-Maintenance Floors

As the proud owner of a company in Orono, you want to make decisions that will enhance the customer experience and ultimately generate more revenue. Especially if you have an industrial or retail business, one of the most important decisions has to do with the type of flooring that you choose. As a significant investment, you want low-maintenance floors that will last a long time.

The term “low maintenance” means that floors require little upkeep. Buying floors that need a lot of maintenance and cleaning are not suitable for these businesses. Instead, you want a material that is easy to clean and maintain while looking great and wearing well. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right type of flooring system. Thanks to advances in decorative concrete coatings, you have many excellent possibilities.

Before choosing just any low-maintenance floors, consider the following:

Resistance – Make sure you choose a flooring solution that will not degrade due to normal day-to-day usage. In other words, you want a floor that will stand up to both foot and vehicle traffic without cracking, discoloring, staining, and so on.

Lifespan – You also need to think about the lifespan of low-maintenance floors. For example, things like epoxy and polished concrete are perfect. Once professionally installed and protected with a sealant, they will probably last as long as you own the Orono business.

Dust and Fire – Low-maintenance floors should have resistance to both dust and fire. That way, you do not have to worry about their appearance or the risk of a fire spreading throughout your business.

Aesthetics – Even the appearance of low-maintenance floors is critical. Especially if you want a new flooring system in a retail shop, they need to attract customers. The right floors will complement the overall design of your store, thereby enticing customers while making your business more successful.