4 Concrete Toppings That Wayzata Homeowners Love for Front Porches

Although Wayzata homeowners often choose concrete toppings as a way of enhancing a backyard patio, pool deck, or walkway, there is another option. With the right decorative toppings, homeowners can transform the appearance and functionality of their front porches, as well. Ultimately, this is an excellent way to improve curb appeal, which increases the value of the home.

Epoxy Concrete Toppings – Epoxy is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons. As a versatile decorative concrete solution, epoxy is ideal for front porches. For one thing, homeowners can choose from a broad range of colors that complement or coordinate with the style and color of the home. In fact, homeowners can opt to have aggregates added that create a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. However, epoxy offers other benefits, including resistance to moisture, chemicals, abrasions, impacts, and oil and grease.

Acid Stain – Homeowners also love the look that comes from having an acid-based stained applied to front porches. Not only does the stain penetrate the surface, becoming a permanent color, but it also reacts with lime and muriatic acid in the concrete to create a unique variegated appearance. That means that even if next-door neighbors choose the same product and color, their porches will look entirely different. By adding grit or aggregates, the surface is not slippery when wet.

Stamped Concrete – Instead of going with pavers, some homeowners in Wayzata discovered stamped concrete. What makes this one of the best concrete toppings for a front porch is that a professional installer can create a surface that looks just like real brick, stone, wood, and a host of other effects.

Self-Leveling Concrete Toppings – The fourth most popular option for concrete toppings is self-leveling. Just as the name implies, this topping levels itself. Also available in a host of beautiful colors and design effects, this topping produces a gorgeous surface.