Pros and Cons of Dyed Concrete for Outdoor Applications in Waconia

When it comes to decorative coatings, you have incredible options. Because of that, narrowing your choice down to one for your outdoor application can become confusing. Dyed concrete is a possibility that sometimes gets overlooked, yet it provides real value. If you want to enhance the aesthetics of the outdoor space at your Waconia home, you should first understand the pros and cons of this particular solution.

To start with, the dyed concrete products available today are dramatically improved over what the market offered even five years ago. Depending on the manufacturer, the carrier in some dyes is water. Other times, it is solvent. High on the list of advantages of using dye to transform the appearance and functionality of the outdoor living space at your Waconia home is the massive selection of colors.

In addition to muted hues, you can choose from a broad range of bright colors, as well as beautiful earth tones. Although the dyed concrete color is more monochrome than other options, depending on your desired aesthetic, this is a significant bonus. No matter which color you select, you will love the finished look.

Another benefit of choosing dyed concrete over a different decorative concrete coating is that it takes less time to install. In fact, within a 24-hour period, a professional can dye the concrete and seal it with a quality product.

As for the cons, the most prominent issue is that dyed concrete is not UV stable. That means when exposed to direct sunlight, the color will eventually fade. However, if installed under a pagoda or a covered patio, you have nothing to fear. One other thing worth mentioning: When a solvent, like acetone, is the carrier, there is a risk of a flash fire. For that reason, you should always have dye installed by a professional.