The Best Options for Kid-Proof Basement Floors in Lakeville Homes

As parents, you know how destructive kids are on basement floors. Roughhousing, playing with toys, riding scooters, and other activities can damage most floors. Many homeowners with children living in Lakeville have discovered the tremendous advantages of choosing a decorative concrete flooring solution.

Polished concrete is an excellent choice for basement floors that creates a win-win situation for the parents and kids. For the homeowners in Lakeville, this type of decorative concrete is stunningly beautiful. In addition to its incredible shiny surface, people can select from an array of colors that enhance the aesthetics of the entire basement. From a kid’s perspective, polished concrete is virtually indestructible. When used as basement flooring, parents can let their children play without worrying about the surface getting damaged. Even cleanup is a breeze. Whenever the floors get dirty, all they need to do is sweep and damp mop. Once dry, the floor is again ready to enjoy.

Acid-stained concrete is also a superior option for basement floors. What makes this flooring solution unique is that as the acid stain penetrates the concrete, it reacts to certain chemicals. As a result, the finished floor has a variegated look. In fact, because no two concrete surfaces react the same way, the aesthetics are one of a kind. However, an acid stain is also strong, durable, and long lasting, perfect for kid-proofing the basement floors.

Parents can also have an epoxy coating applied. Available with and without metallic flakes, the floor’s surface is beautiful. It is comfortable to walk, stand, and play on, and it is naturally slip resistant. Available in a broad range of colors, epoxy is ideal for making an ordinary basement the favorite room of the home.

One important note: Whichever flooring system a Lakeville homeowner chooses, it is essential to have it sealed with a high-quality product, so it retains its color for years.