Reasons for Choosing Epoxy Floors for Daycare Centers in Chanhassen

As the owner of a daycare center in Chanhassen, you realize that your existing floors cannot withstand the demands of the day. However, since you have a cute and colorful carpeted pattern, you dread having anything else installed. However, epoxy floors are a better option not only because of their undeniable strength and durability but also because you can have them beautifully colored and patterned to create a space that the children love.

Whether you decide to have epoxy floors installed throughout the entire daycare or in just some areas, you will never regret your decision. One of the primary reasons this flooring solution works so well in daycares is its ruggedness. This coating is resistant to a host of things, including impact, moisture, scuffs, and even stains. That means when bright red juice gets spilled during snack time, the mess wipes up quickly and leaves no spot behind.

With little ones running around your Chanhassen daycare, worrying about the floors is the last thing on your mind. You can keep epoxy floors looking new just by sweeping and damp mopping as needed. For optimal protection and to extend the life of the floors, have the installer apply a high-quality sealer.

Another reason for choosing epoxy floors for your Chanhassen daycare center is that an expert can use a gorgeous color of your liking. In fact, you can have unique patterns and textures added, giving the daycare facility even more personality. Along with color, you can have sparkly metallic flakes added to the mixture that look like tiny stars on the floor.

For something extra-special, you can have designs created on the epoxy floors that are unique in each area of your daycare. For instance, animal prints in the learning area, brightly colored squares in the lunch and snack area, and a moon and star motif in the area where the children have quiet time are ideal choices.