Repair Your Stained Basement Floors and Increase Your Living Space

Do you have plain, cracked or dusting basement floors? Even if your basement floors have seen better days, it is possible to repair and upgrade them using a variety of decorative concrete techniques, including concrete staining. Staining your basement floors can be a great way to turn what is currently an unused, dingy space into additional living space. Whether you are interested in converting your basement into a game room, media room, home office, or perhaps even a living space for the in-laws, the right stain products can completely transform the look of your basement. Basement floor stains are available in a variety of colors, giving you the option to create a look that is unique and suitable for whatever design you have in mind.

Keep in mind that while stained basement floors are extremely durable, it is possible as with any hard floor covering material for them to become scratched or damaged. For this reason, it is important to ensure that you take proper care of your stained floors to protect them and prevent problems. A weekly dust mopping using a microfiber mop will usually be sufficient to remove any dust and dirt particles. Dirt should not be allowed to build up on your flooring, as it can act as an abrasive. Mopping with a solution of cool water and a mild cleaner can help restore the appearance of your floors. Applying a sealer to your stained basement floors and can help add a protective layer while hiding and even preventing scratches. To ensure that your floors maintain their beauty, it is a good idea for the finish to be reapplied about once a year or minimum every three years.

In the event that there are scratches in the concrete, they can often be fixed with a surface wax or floor finish product. These top coats will fill small scratches and add a new luster and shine to the floor.