Improving the Value of Your Home with a Waterproof Basement Floor

A 2013 year-end study revealed that a homeowner has a 26 percent higher chance of experiencing basement flooding than fire damage. This is because of plumbing ruptures and stress on the environment, like an increase in groundwater from extreme weather conditions. Nature can push water upward caused by hydrostatic pressure, which can infiltrate the lowest level of a building through porous cement, cracks, and joints between concrete slabs. The simplest answer to flooding at any level is to have a waterproof basement floor and to hire the best in the business, Concrete Coatings Unlimited, to do the job for you.

Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement Floor

Obviously, the first reason why waterproofing your basement floor makes sense is because it increases the value of your home by an estimated 25 percent. In recent years, homeowners in Canada and the United States have experienced more moderate and severe flooding than in any other time in the past. Even if you live in an area that is not flood-prone, home disasters can happen, like roots of tree causing pipes to burst or a sewage blockage.