How Long Does Concrete Staining Take to Complete

Having spent years getting clients for your Burnsville law firm, you feel a genuine sense of pride. However, during that time, your floors have changed and not for the better. The challenge is that with clients coming and going throughout the day, you worry about the mess and duration of having new floors installed. Fortunately, if the surface is still in good condition, there is no need for a new floor installation. Instead, you might consider concrete staining.

The process involves the application of a water- or acid-based stain. While the two produce amazing results, there are distinct differences. With water-based concrete staining, the product creates an opaque surface. For an acid-stained floor, you have fewer color choices, but the stain penetrates the concrete, where it reacts to certain chemicals. As a result, the finished design effect is translucent and variegated.

As far as the time it will take for an expert to apply concrete staining to the floors of your Burnsville law firm, that depends on the square footage, temperature and humidity, condition of the existing surface, and even the product used. You can expect the overall process to take three to four days. Remember, the installer could always work over the weekend, or you could have the stain applied to just some areas at a time. That way, there is no disruption to your business.

On day one, prep work gets done, followed by surface cleaning and drying. The second day, the stain gets applied and then dries for up to 24 hours. Once dry, the floor gets neutralized, rinsed twice, and then allowed to completely dry. On day three, the expert applies a thin clear sealer for optimal protection. With that dries, two coats of wax get applied and are allowed to dry. With the project complete, your Burnsville law firm clients will see your beautiful new floor.