Is Concrete Dye Better Than Stain for Outdoor Surfaces in Apple Valley?

Both concrete dye and stain are incredible choices. However, if you want an excellent application for an outdoor surface at your Apple Valley home or business, a stain is the better option. Although some dyes work well for exterior surfaces, they must be UV resistant. Even then, they do not perform as good as a stain. The bottom line is that for a front porch, walkway, backyard patio, driveway, or pool deck, you will get better results by choosing a high-quality stain.

If you have your heart set on a concrete dye, you might consider upgrading a room in your home. Depending on the desired aesthetic, a professional installer can apply the dye on its own or in conjunction with stain. Dye also works great on a broad range of surfaces beyond concrete, including plastic, wood, metal, and brick. However, to enhance an outdoor living area at your Apple Valley home or to enhance an outdoor space at your business, a stain is the preferred solution.

You can select either an acid-based or a water-based stain. While both have advantages, acid stain excels for outdoor surfaces. The reason is that unlike a water-based stain or concrete dye, which merely covers the surface, an acid-based stain penetrates. When that happens, the stain reacts to alkalis in the concrete, which creates a beautiful effect. In addition, it becomes a permanent component of the concrete, ensuring long-lasting color and performance.

A few other benefits of choosing a stain over a concrete dye include:

  • Resistant to wear and UV rays

  • Quick and easy application process

  • Variegated, translucent, and one-of-a-kind effect

  • Available in beautiful colors

If you choose a stain as opposed to concrete dye, make sure to have it professionally sealed. That way, the surface has excellent protection against water, ice, and snow, as well as chemicals, accidental food and beverage spills, oil and grease, antifreeze, and a host of other things.