How to Keep an Apartment Pool Deck in Pristine Condition All Year Round in Bloomington

Owning or managing an apartment complex in Bloomington requires a lot of dedication, time, and effort. If you have a swimming pool, you want to provide the tenants with a safe and beautiful place to relax and enjoy the water on a hot summer day. However, for a heated pool, you need to learn how to keep the apartment pool deck in pristine condition throughout the year. Instead of feeling stressed, a little bit of information will go a long way in easing your concerns.

Resurfacing – To start with, if the apartment pool deck shows signs of wear and tear, you can have an installer resurface it. That way, nothing gets torn out, just fixed. With a quality overlay, the pool deck will look brand new. As part of resurfacing, you can choose a beautiful color, texture, or pattern for the surface, making the pool area more fun and inviting.

Maintenance – Regular maintenance on your apartment pool deck in Bloomington is essential. As long as the surface is in good condition, all you have to do is sweep off loose dirt and debris or use a garden hose to clear off the surface. While this might not sound like a big deal, this prevents the buildup of dirt, debris, chemicals, and other things that can cause damage or discoloration.

Sealing – You also need to have the apartment pool deck properly sealed by a professional. The sealer serves as an additional layer of protection against water, chemicals, dropped items, and more. For optimal performance, you need the pool deck sealed every few years. You can check with a reputable pool builder or installer of sealers to ask for recommendations.

In addition to keeping the pool deck in beautiful condition all year round at your Bloomington complex, you might think about having unique features added. For example, you can have a new concrete slide installed, a waterfall feature added, or perhaps go all out with a swim-up bar and stools.