Incredible Options for a Stain-Resistant Floor at Your Wine Bar

After years of planning and saving, the builders have finally started the construction on your wine bar. In addition to choosing a wall color, doors and windows, countertops, and light fixtures, you need the right flooring system. Because you plan on serving a variety of red and white wines, as well as specialty cocktails, beers, and food, your best option is a stain-resistant floor.

After all, in this type of business, accidents happen. Although unintentional, you can expect spills to happen to both employees and customers. Therefore, you need a flooring solution that does not stain. Along with that, it is imperative you select a floor resistant to scratches, abrasions, moisture, and even grease and oil.

Epoxy ranks at the top of the list for a stain-resistant floor. For one thing, this flooring system has no seams, which dramatically reduces any risk of someone accidentally tripping. Also, cleaning and maintenance are a breeze. For this, you would simply sweep as needed combined with damp mopping daily. For any spills, a wet cloth is all you need.

Along with epoxy, you might consider an acid-based stain. What makes this unique is that when applied, the acid penetrates the surface where it reacts to chemicals in the concrete. The result is a gorgeous marbled effect, with no two floors looking the same. However, when the installer applies a clear sealer, the surface has incredible protection against foot traffic and spills, making it another excellent choice for a stain-resistant floor.

Stamped concrete is yet another possibility for your new wine bar. With this, you can have the installer create patterns that mimic other materials, including brick, river rock, limestone, slate, wood, and more. As with an acid-based stain, by having a sealer applied, you end up with a stunning stain-resistant floor. With outstanding wine, drinks, and food, your wine bar will quickly become the new hot spot where friends and families gather.