How Long Does Concrete Restoration Last on a Driveway?

After living in your Apple Valley home for decades, you notice your driveway looks worse for the wear. Between small surface imperfections, oil stains, and slight discoloration from the sun, you realize you need to do something. While a lot of people told you about concrete restoration, you wonder how long your driveway will look and function as though new.

Concrete restoration is exactly like it sounds, a way to restore an existing surface back to its original state. Not only does this enhance the overall appearance of the driveway but its durability too. For optimum results, always let an expert who uses a top-of-the-line product do the work.

As for the longevity of concrete restoration, several factors come into play. Again, you want an experienced professional contractor or installer doing the job. That way, you will be sure the work is performed correctly, and they used the best products on the market, whether you have the driveway at your Apple Valley home resurfaced with stamped concrete, a limestone coating, or something else.

With those two things combined, expect your newly coated driveway to last roughly 30 years. Whether you stay in the home during that timeframe or sell, a concrete restoration enhances the overall appeal. Should you put your Apple Valley house on the market, a beautiful driveway gives you leverage in asking for a firm price.

Once the installer completes the project, you can use your driveway in approximately six hours. So, if you want the surface transformed in time for a special party or another event, the driveway will be finished and ready to use in a day in most cases.

Remember, with concrete restoration, you can change the appearance of the driveway. For example, you can have a stunning stamped pattern applied, giving the surface the look of brick, wood, stone, slate, or other materials. You can also select among different colors and even have aggregates added.