Concrete Overlay: Transform the Hearth Room of Your Edina Home in One Day

Even in Edina, people experience cool fall and winter days. While not bitterly cold and snowy outside, there is nothing more relaxing than a roaring fire. The crackling sound, slight smell of burning wood, and the glowing flames make the hearth room everyone’s favorite place. However, if this part of your house lacks personality and character, now is the perfect time to make a change by having a concrete overlay applied to the floors and possibly, other surfaces.

Although you can select from multiple applications, a stamped concrete overlay is perhaps one of the most popular, especially for a hearth room. With this, a professional installer uses mats to create designs on the surface that mimic other materials, including wood, brick, stone, slate, and so on. You would select the texture that coordinates best with the room and décor.

As an example, if you have an oversized rock fireplace in the hearth room of your Edina home, you could mirror it by having an overlay applied to the floors that looks like natural river rock or cobblestone. If you have no fireplace but gorgeous wood paneling, you could select an overlay that looks just like wood to match perfectly.

The diversity of a concrete overlay is why so many people choose this option for transforming rooms in their homes. For instance, if your fireplace has cement surrounds, the installer or contractor can change their appearance along with the floors. If you have a wet bar in the hearth room, you could have an overlay applied to the countertop. With this decorative concrete solution, there are few limitations.

If preferred, you can mix different types of overlays, as well as colors, textures, and patterns. For your Edina home, you might have a beautifully handcrafted custom overlay applied to the floors in a rich brown or deep red color. However, for something unique, the expert could then create a border using a stamped concrete overlay of your choosing.