What Business Owners Should Know about Concrete Repair in Minneapolis

There are plenty of reasons that concrete is the world’s most frequently used building material, including its resilience and its affordability. However, despite its strength, concrete does age and if not properly maintained, it can age poorly. Cracks, chips, stains, pitting and worse are possible. The good news is that concrete repair for Minneapolis businesses can give you a brand new surface without the price tag that accompanies a new concrete slab. What should you know?

The Many Resurfacing Options

When it comes to concrete repair for Minneapolis businesses, there’s really only one process, although there’s a great deal of variation, too. The process is called resurfacing, and it generally involves cleaning and preparing the old concrete surface, and then applying a new coating atop it. This is an overlay – it’s a thin layer of concrete (often mixed with other materials), epoxy or a resin. It’s liquid when it’s applied, so it penetrates deeply into cracks, chips and pits, and then forms a smooth, unblemished surface above it. Concrete overlays are just as durable as new concrete, often more so.

Of course, you have plenty of resurfacing options when it comes to concrete repair in Minneapolis. Business owners aren’t limited to boring, gray, flat surfaces. In fact, there’s a wider range of options available than most realize.

Stamping – Stamping is the art of transforming the concrete overlay into different shapes or patterns. It can be used to give the overlay the look of another material, such as stone, brick, tile or wood. It can also be used to create geometric shapes in the material.

Staining and Dying – Staining and dying can be used either with stamping or on its own, and allow you to create stunning colors, and blends in the floor. Virtually any color and color combination can be created, and because the dyes and stains react differently with each floor, even two floors that use the same dyes will look completely different. It’s an ideal option for custom flooring.

Polishing – Polishing can be done with staining and dying, or it can be done on standard concrete. It results in a mirror-like finish and a surface completely impervious to moisture, dirt and stains. It’s an ideal solution for a wide range of needs, particularly where ease of cleaning is necessary.

Concrete repair for Minneapolis businesses gives you plenty of options – Concrete Coatings can help ensure you get the professional quality you deserve.