Concrete Resurfacing Can Improve the Value of a Fixer Upper

At times, it makes sense to buy a home that needs repairs, as it is a great way to save money. If the home features concrete floors, driveways, patios, or pathways, then simply resurfacing these surfaces can dramatically improve the value of your new property. Concrete resurfacing is an affordable and fast alternative to completely replacing existing concrete and can pay for itself in terms of home value.

Repairs Cracks and Damage

The process of resurfacing concrete involves first removing sealants and other similar products, then repairing cracks, and finally adding the new surface. As such, when you resurface the concrete, it will improve any small cracks or other damaged bits of the floor or driveway. This act in itself is enough to boost the value of your property, even if the rest still needs repairs

Looks Like New

One of the key considerations in determining property value is its appearance. Areas that look new increase its value, even if they are not actually new. Concrete resurfacing adds a new top layer to the concrete, which gives the entire area the appearance of having been replaced, even if the underlying concrete is from a decade ago. Resealing the concrete after resurfacing it will even add to the durability of the surface, something that typically only happens with new cement.

Updates the Appearance

Many fixer uppers will have outdated appearances and features, but concrete resurfacing can help to update these. You can install a decorative or stamped concrete overlay to create a more elegant look. Resurfacing is also the perfect opportunity to change the color or colors of the concrete so it matches the decor of the home. The result is a more durable, modern-looking concrete surface that has extended durability, and each of those factors will increase the value of the building.