Understanding How Concrete Resurfacing Works

If you have concrete on your property, then you are already aware that this surface is highly durable and able to withstand everything from harsh weather to constant foot traffic. Eventually, however, the concrete will begin to develop cracks or other minor imperfections that require repairs. Instead of wasting a great deal of time and money to have a contractor completely rip out the existing concrete and replace it, you can save money by resurfacing the existing structure. This process is an option provided that all cracks are minor and don’t run through the entire concrete. Resurfacing can also be used to help faded concrete or to simply give a driveway, floor, or sidewalk a new appearance.

Getting to Know Concrete Resurfacers

Resurfacers are the mixes used in the process of concrete resurfacing, and they contain nearly identical components as any standard concrete mix, such as sand and Portland cement. The difference is that during resurfacing, contractors from Concrete Coatings Unlimited use a mix that also has a polymer bonding agent, which can prevent shrinkage and fill in pitted areas or divots. Resurfacer is typically dark gray in color, and your contractor will need to coat the entire surface, including the areas in good shape. This is necessary as it is unlikely to find a resurfacer that exactly matches the existing concrete in color. A 40-pound bag of resurfacer will typically cover between 40 and 50 square feet.

Resurfacer Application Tips

Experienced contractors will tell you that concrete resurfacer is much easier to work with than standard concrete, particularly when you work in small sections. The compound is easy to spread with long-handled squeegees and levels by itself. The area should still be pre-cleaned using a pressure washer and allowed to dry for at least six hours. Your contractor can even give the resurfaced concrete a slip-resistant finish by brushing the surface using a broom with nylon bristles while it is wet. For the best results, contractors will apply the concrete on a mild day and early in the morning.