When Is It Time to Repair Your Concrete Floor?

Concrete floors are known for their extreme resilience and durability, which is part of the reason they are so popular. Despite their abilities, concrete floors are not perfect and will eventually become cracked or stained. In some cases, you may not notice the damage to the floor, such as when it does not reach the surface. Most of the time, however, damage will be obvious in the form of spalling, pitting, or cracks, which indicate the need for concrete repair.

Obvious Damage

As mentioned, there are some obvious signs that concrete repair is necessary. An example would be when a crack appears on the surface of the concrete or you notice pitting. It is always ideal to fix these issues as soon as possible in order to prevent the damage from spreading. In some cases, you may be able to wait a short amount of time to make the necessary repairs, but it is not wise to put off concrete repair.

Adding a Layer on Top

If you have been putting off concrete repair, then you will definitely need to take care of it when you plan to add another layer on top. This is true whether you are planning on resealing the surface, painting it, or adding a concrete overlay. In order for these new items to correctly bond with the existing concrete, you will need to make sure that it is in good shape, meaning that all cracks are filled in

Times to Evaluate for Repairs

In addition to situations where there is obvious damage to the concrete or you plan on adding an overlay, you will want to at least consider concrete repair at other times. One example would be if you are planning on selling your house; in this situation, you should have a concrete expert, like those at Concrete Coatings Unlimited, evaluate your concrete surface for weak points that may decrease the value of your home. They may do so by checking for hollow points or searching for fine cracks and will recommend repairs if necessary.