Options for Enhancing the Appearance of Existing Epoxy Garage Floors

If the epoxy garage floors in your Chaska home look a little worn, you might have an option for enhancing their appearance. As long as your floor is in relatively good condition, an expert can change the color. However, this is somewhat challenging, and applying a second epoxy coating is not always the recommended solution.

Depending on the condition of the existing epoxy garage floors, you could have the same or a darker color applied. Trying to cover a dark surface with a lighter color would be difficult at best. Typically, an installer would go through the same process as with the initial installation. Just like the first time, preparing the surface is essential.

The current floor gets roughened so that the new epoxy will adhere well. Also, the garage floors must be clean, void of any dirt or debris. If your garage floor requires cleaning, the installer will use either soap and water or a manufactured-approved all-purpose cleaning product formulated for epoxy. If the original floor has stains, especially those caused by grease or oil, then an excellent degreaser gets used.

Good prep work, including the process of smoothing out any chipped paint, will make the second layer of epoxy adhere better and, therefore, look great. When using a cleaner or degreaser, the surface gets rinsed and is then allowed to dry completely. Again, that will help with adhesion and make the finished project at your Chaska home look great.

For the second coat, it is essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. For instance, an installer applies epoxy garage floors based on optimal air temperature. While some products are flexible, others are not. By choosing a superior-quality product for epoxy garage floors the first go-round, there is little chance of you needing a second coat applied. This durable and long-lasting decorative concrete solution dramatically reduces the risk of any problems.