Why Epoxy Floors and Pet Adoption Centers Are the Perfect Combination

If you have spent any time at pet adoption centers, other than animals looking for their forever homes, you probably noticed something else they have in common. Many of the centers have epoxy floors, which is not just a coincidence. There are several reasons for choosing this type of flooring system for this environment, as indicated below.

Abrasion Resistant – Although people who run pet adoption centers take extreme care to have pets clean and groomed, both cats and dogs still have claws. When walking around or playing together, a typical floor would easily scratch. Because epoxy floors have incredible abrasion resistance, they remain beautiful.

Appearance – Just as owners of these centers want the animals to look their best, making them more adoptable, they understand that the design of the environment plays a role in the process. Typically, people interested in adopting want an animal that loves to cuddle. A center that looks and feels homey accomplishes two things. First, it puts potential adopters and animals at ease. Second, it makes people feel more at home, which helps them better envision bringing a pet to their house.

Stain Resistant – Even with helpers walking around with spray bottles and rags cleaning up after animals, stains on standard floors are inevitable. The difference with epoxy floors is their excellent stain resistant quality. Especially when it comes to animal urine, which is usually hard to get out, these floors resist stains.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance – At the end of the day, the people responsible for cleaning up after an adoption event can clean the epoxy floors in no time. The only things required to keep them in pristine condition is sweeping as needed and occasional mopping. Keep in mind that for optimal protection, it is essential to have the floors sealed. That way, they have an incredible protective barrier.