How Often Should an Apartment Pool Deck Be Resealed?

As the owner of an apartment complex with a swimming pool, you want to provide your tenants and their guests with a fun and safe environment. At the same time, you want the pool area to look amazing. When you first have an apartment pool deck installed, the expert will apply a sealer. Depending on the type, it either forms a protective film over the surface or penetrates the concrete to protect from the inside.

Regardless of which type of sealer you prefer, you end up with an apartment pool deck that keeps its beautiful appearance for many years. You will also have an easier time keeping the surface clean while avoiding surface damage. Now, the question is: How often should you have this surface resealed? After all, you want the deck to last as long as possible.

For resealing a pool deck, there are two important things to consider. First, you want an expert to do the job. Second, that individual should use a superior-quality product, something like SuperSeal or GemKote. The reason for having a professional apply a sealer is that too much can create a hazy or cloudy effect that diminishes the appearance of the deck. As for the sealer, the best product on the market creates the strongest protective barrier.

Even with a quality decorative concrete overlay or finish, you need the apartment pool deck resealed every two to three years. The exact timeframe depends on the quality and type of sealer used. In addition to acrylic coatings, there are other excellent options.

Although you had a clear sealer applied, at the time of resealing, you could opt to have color added to the formula. For instance, say you initially had a blue or green color added to the overlay applied to the apartment pool deck. While it still looks amazing, you notice slight fading. Adding a blue or green hue to the sealer would revitalize the color.