Why Are So Many Homeowners in Waconia Choosing Stained Basement Floors?

After visiting the homes of family members, friends, coworkers, and neighbors, it dawns on you that the majority of them have stained basement floors. With your flooring system looking a little worse for the wear, you decide to ask why.

What you discover is enough to persuade you to go with stained basement floors as well. For one thing, there are two types of stain, water- and acid-based. Although they both create beautiful floors, each works differently and yields unique results. If you want floors with a lot of colors, a water-based stain is perfect, especially for a household with children. On the other hand, if you use your basement area for entertaining and prefer a more sophisticated look, you would go with an acid-based stain.

Homeowners in Waconia love having two options. Keep in mind that regardless of which one you like, a professional installer can add color or create patterns and textures. Because of that, you have the opportunity to customize your floors any way you want. As a versatile solution, stained basement floors are the ideal choice for virtually any home, regardless of size or style.

You will find that stained basement floors are durable and long-lasting. When sealed with a superior quality product, they can also resist stains, abrasions, grease, and a host of other things that would damage other flooring systems. Whether you want a space where your children can play with their toys or a room where you serve food and beverages, you never have to worry.

The fact stained basement floors are easy to clean and maintain is another reason so many homeowners in Waconia go this route. You can keep your floors looking new with regular sweeping and damp mopping as needed. For stubborn dirt or stains, there are commercial products formulated specifically for both water- and acid-based stained floors. With customization, optimum protection, and easy upkeep, you can see why this flooring system has become so popular.