Tips for Choosing a Low-Maintenance Floor for a Busy Lakeville Hair Salon

After years of hard work and dedication, your hair salon in Lakeville is doing better than you ever imagined. However, with business growth, you realize you need help with the floors. Between cut hair, chemicals, water, and a tremendous amount of foot traffic, your current flooring system needs replacing.

You want to create a space where your customers feel welcome while enhancing the style of the salon. However, you also need a low maintenance floor that can take a beating day after day and still look pristine. With a busy schedule, you and your staff have little time to clean the floors, so that too is a major consideration.

When selecting a low maintenance floor, look for a product formulated specifically for businesses like yours. One possibility is metal flake epoxy. With this, you can choose from several beautiful colors, and when installed by an expert, enjoy a variety of designs. Depending on the type and density of flakes added to the product, the sparkle will either support design elements of your Lakeville hair salon or become the focal point.

An acid stain also makes an excellent choice for a low maintenance floor. Although you have more color options with a water-based stain for your business, an acid-based product would work better. When applied to concrete, the acid penetrates and then reacts to specific chemicals. Not only will you end up getting a marbled effect, but you will also have a durable and long-lasting floor that can handle just about anything.

Even stamped decorative concrete works great as a low maintenance floor. In this case, a professional installer uses mats to create a surface that resembles other materials, including wood, brick, rock, pebbles, slate, flagstone, and more. Once sealed, there is little to do to keep the floors beautiful. With unique designs that look genuine, you can boost the appearance of your Lakeville hair salon or completely transform it.