What Type of Stain Resistant Floor is Best for a Restaurant?

Certain businesses are more competitive than others, with the restaurant business being a prime example. Although competition tends to be most fierce among restaurants that serve the same type of food and cater to the same clientele, restaurants compete against each other regardless. To stay ahead of the curve but also spend less time on upkeep, you should consider a beautiful and stain resistant floor for your Chaska restaurant.

Many owners believe that an industrial flooring system is their only option of a stain resistant floor for their Chaska restaurant. While you could certainly go for that look if it coordinates with your restaurant, the reality is that you can have a beautifully colored, patterned, or textured floor installed, one that grabs attention, while still being stain resistant.

When looking for a stain resistant floor, you should consider concrete for your Chaska restaurant. In addition to being strong, durable, and long-lasting, when properly sealed, you never have to worry about spilled foods and beverages that are known for causing stubborn stains. In fact, sealed concrete will not absorb unpleasant odors that typically become trapped in other flooring materials.

Concrete offers additional benefits such as tremendous colors for both water and acid stains, as well as a wide variety of patterns and textures when choosing decorative concrete like overlays, stamps, stencils, and so on. Whether installed in the main dining room, bar area, server area, restrooms, and even the dance floor, you will be thrilled with this choice.

Epoxy is another stain resistant floor worth consideration for your Chaska restaurant. In fact, this type of flooring is highly resistant to additional things, including bleach, oil, grease, harsh cleansers, heat, water, impact, and more. Although commonly used as a garage flooring system, epoxy has become a popular choice for restaurant and bar owners. Beyond having a stain resistant floor for your Chaska restaurant, epoxy can be enhanced with metallic chips.