What Is the Best Low Maintenance Floor for a Mechanic Shop in Savage, Minnesota?

Without question, a professional mechanic shop is a rugged environment. In addition to cars pulling into and out of bays throughout the day, there are oil, grease, and antifreeze spills; dropped tools and equipment; and a tremendous amount of foot traffic.

If you own or operate a mechanic shop in Savage, you know that there is little time to focus on keeping the floors clean and well maintained. However, you also realize that you need to make a positive impressive on customers. Fortunately, you have two great options for a low maintenance floor, including polished concrete and epoxy.

Concrete on its own is a super-strong, durable, and long-lasting material. However, once a polished surface is applied, all of this is greatly enhanced. In addition to looking beautiful, making the floors at your Savage mechanic shop pleasing to your customers, these floors are highly resistant to cracking and degradation that goes along with daily use.

Polished concrete is beneficial in other ways that go beyond being a low maintenance floor. These floors help eliminate unwanted tire marks, and they are fire resistant. As for cleaning, the only thing required is sweeping and an occasional damp mopping with hot, soapy water.

Epoxy is another great low maintenance floor. Of all the finishes to consider for your Savage mechanic shop, epoxy is one of the toughest and most durable. Like polished concrete, epoxy is gorgeous, so it will immediately transform an unsightly garage into something that looks professional, clean, and inviting to the public.

This hardened finish is resilient to chipping, stains, chemicals, impacts, moisture, and surface abrasion, so a dropped wrench or tire iron will not cause any damage. If you have a thicker coating of epoxy applied, it will easily hide minor imperfections in the concrete, making it appear almost new. For this low maintenance floor, simply use a soft broom or dust mop when the floor is dry or hot soap and water for bigger messes.