Understanding How Concrete Color Is Used for Floor Restoration

There are numerous reasons to restore concrete flooring, including aesthetics and function. In many cases, simply adding a concrete overlay or extra layer will be enough to restore a surface to its former glory. Restoration can be expensive, but it will almost always be cheaper and less time consuming than completely tearing out and replacing the concrete. Unless damage to a surface is severe, restoration will be an option. A great way to take concrete restoration to the next level is with color, as it is easy to apply and can completely change your business’s flooring.

Bring Back Character

Concrete is highly durable, and this means that most of the time restoration work will be for aesthetic reasons as opposed to a fault in the concrete itself. In this situation, concrete color can be an excellent tool to bring back character. Sometimes restoration may be as simple as adding a new sealer coat to the concrete and mixing some color into it. Other times, it will be necessary to add a thin layer of concrete on top of the existing surface. In this case, there is the option of various stains, dyes, and integral color choices from Concrete Coatings Unlimited. By simply refreshing the color on a slab of concrete, you can take a floor or other surface that is a decade old and make it appear completely new.

Using Color Restoration Materials

In addition to simply adding a new surface to the existing concrete, restoration can also involve specific materials that bring back original colors. There are various stains, color refreshers, and even antiquing washes that the team at Concrete Coatings Unlimited can use. This gives you a great deal of versatility, as they can return your old surface to its original appearance or change its color pattern through concrete restoration.