Cleaning Stained Concrete Floors

Many people choose to install concrete flooring as opposed to using other materials because of the easy maintenance associated with it. Stained concrete is a versatile option that can be used almost anywhere, offering you a range of shades and colors so you can customize the appearance of your concrete. There are a few special concerns when cleaning stained concrete as opposed to untreated concrete, but it is very similar. If you are confused, you can always ask the team at Concrete Coatings Unlimited for maintenance tips when we install your concrete. Otherwise, follow this simple advice.

Cleaning and Removing Scratches

You will probably want to dust mop your stained concrete floors on most days just to keep it clean. This will not take a great deal of time, as you don’t have to be thorough. You should also wet mop the floor regularly, and if it is in an area with high traffic, you will want to do so daily. Every once in a while, you will need to wet scrub the surface for a deeper cleaning. After several years, you should expect to reapply the finish coat, and this may be necessary sooner if the concrete is in an area with high traffic.

Making Maintenance Easier

Although stained concrete maintenance is simple, there are some things you can do to make it even simpler. When having the concrete installed, try to avoid patterns with saw cuts in the concrete, as these will provide nooks and crannies where dirt can hide. You will also want to have your installation professional seal the stained concrete unless he or she polishes it instead. If the floor is in an area with very heavy traffic, consider placing floor mats in strategic locations to reduce wear and tear. Remember to always listen to the advice your installation professional gives you concerning cleaning your stained concrete floor.