Trendy Ways to Upgrade an Old Concrete Floor

If you have an old concrete floor, there are some incredible ways that you can change the aesthetics. Rather than have the existing floor ripped out, you should consider some of the options that come with coatings. With so many possibilities, you can easily create the exact look you want.

Incredible Ideas for Your Old Concrete Floor

For a vibrant look, have a decorative coating applied to your old concrete floor. One option involves choosing a rich and sophisticated color. Regardless of the style of your home, such as old world charm, modern, rustic, and so on, you can have the floors in your home changed to a burnt orange, deep amber, or brown. This adds warmth that makes your home more inviting.

You might consider using two complementary colors. In this case, the primary area of the existing floor is one color while a second color is used to create a border. Because of the vast amount of options, you can achieve virtually any look. A floor with a complementary color combination is interesting and fresh.

A professional contractor can even create beautiful patterns and emblems. Depending on the size of the room, your personal preferences, and the space itself, a pattern can cover the entire old concrete floor or just a portion of it. Emblems look amazing in foyers and entryways. The exact emblem design, size, and color palette will depend on the same factors as for patterns. When finished, this trendy coating will impress your family and friends who come to visit.

Another popular option is to have a beautiful coating applied to an old concrete floor and then a coordinating color or pattern added to the front of steps leading from the flooring upstairs. Based on the look that you are going for, this can be subtle or bold. In either case, this coating option will set your home apart from similar homes in the neighborhood.