New Designs for Pool Deck Coatings

Regardless if you use your swimming pool just a few months out of the year or all year round, you want an outdoor space that is beautiful and inviting. One way to accomplish this is by hiring the experts with Concrete Coatings Unlimited to create the perfect design using pool deck coatings. For existing pools that are being revamped or new pool installations, the right coating will completely transform both the aesthetics and function.

With the right decorative concrete finish, you will use any excuse to be outdoors by the pool. In fact, you will enjoy the space more when gathering with family or entertaining friends. With such a broad range of designs for pool deck coatings, any look can be achieved.

One of the most popular pool deck coatings is a stamped overlay. This particular process offers all of the same aesthetic benefits as conventional stamped concrete. However, the overlay is applied over an existing surface. The result is a pool deck that looks like genuine slate, stone, brick, wood, or another natural material.

One of the new ideas in pool decks is to combine several stamps. Rather than have a pool deck designed to look like just one natural material, your contractor can use several stamps. For example, something that many people love consists of a single pattern for the primary area and then a second pattern to create a unique border effect. To further enhance the pool deck, an additional stamp can be used in the overlay around a connected spa.

Mixing and matching unexpected yet balanced colors has also become popular. Whether you want the experts at Concrete Coatings Unlimited to use stamped overlays, stenciling, or some other decorative process, take advantage of the exciting color options now available for pool deck coatings.