The Most Popular Choices for Concrete Dye in Minneapolis

Although there are numerous ways to change or enhance the beauty of concrete with a concrete dye, four applications tend to be the most popular in Minneapolis. Any one of these applications is perfect for creating a beautiful floor, garage, patio, driveway, and so on.

In deciding on the right application, think about the aesthetic that you want to achieve. For instance, if you have a mountain-style home or cottage, a warmer and richer dye would look incredible. However, if you want concrete dye for the grand foyer in your Minneapolis home, then something unique and sophisticated might be a better option.

Since dyes come in a broad range of formulations, any look is achievable. The outcome is based on the exact application coupled with any added artistic effects. Acid stain is a popular choice for concrete dye in Minneapolis. This stain penetrates and reacts with concrete, creating a one-of-a-kind aesthetic. With a quality sealer added, acid stain is permanent.

A water-based stain is considered a dye although it works more like paint in that it bonds to concrete. As with acid stain, water-based stain is available in many gorgeous colors. When a Minneapolis installer uses this type of dye, the concrete surface is first roughened since the stain bonds more than it absorbs.

Powdered acetone dye is another possibility. Formulated for interior applications, this dye also comes in a wide range of colors. To ensure that the dye bonds correctly, the professional installer will grind the surface to open pores. What makes this particular dye unique is that because it penetrates deep into concrete, it is used to color floors that will be polished.

A liquid acetone dye is another great choice for Minneapolis homes. Although this is considered a type of dye, it is actually an extremely thin solvent-based stain formulated with tiny particles that absorb into the concrete surface. In addition to impressive color options, this dye dries extremely fast.