Can the Color Be Changed on a Stained Basement Floor in a Waconia Home?

What happens if you have an existing stained basement floor in your Waconia home but you want the color changed? Fortunately, there are several viable options. However, the exact solution depends on the degree of change that you want to achieve.

For a dramatic change, a solid color stain works exceptionally well. Prior to the application of this water-based stain, any coating or sealer on the basement floor surface must be removed since both penetrate concrete. In other words, coatings and sealers are not just on the surface. Once the stain cures, the basement floor is ready to enjoy.

A reactive stain can also be used to change the color of the basement floor in your Waconia home. Rather than water-based, this stain is acid-based. Like a water-based stain, any existing sealer must first be removed. Once the stain is applied, the basement floor will have a beautiful semi-translucent color with unique marbling and variations.

An installer can change the color of your stained basement floor in your Waconia home using a translucent acrylic stain, as well. This stain creates a semi-translucent color that looks amazing. Especially if you want highlights or prefer a subtler color, this choice is ideal. Again, the professional who performs the work starts by removing any existing sealer.

Finally, a decorative overlay is a popular technique used for changing stained floors. Not only does an overlay cover the entire floor, it totally recolors the surface. Therefore, if you want something more significant and unique, a decorative overlay is definitely a great option.

Regardless of the solution, it is imperative that a highly trained and skilled professional performs the work and provides a warranty. This ensures the stained basement floor in your Waconia home has the exact aesthetic that you want and lasts for years to come.