The Artistry of a Stamped Hotel Pool Deck in Orono

The stunning results of a stamped hotel pool deck in Orono are not achieved by accident but because of the installer’s artistry. Instead of a dull gray or beige concrete pool deck, some hotel owners recognize the value that comes from the installation of decorative concrete. By utilizing colors, textures, and patterns, guests will enjoy a unique poolside experience. However, artistry goes beyond aesthetics. It encompasses the skill level and knowledge that an installer possesses for creating exceptional pool decks.

Artistry, as it relates to the installation of a stamped hotel pool deck in Orono, means that a professional installer understands the importance of stamping early. Unlike some pool deck installers, those with experience know that a tamper is a vital tool and that it must be used at the right time. Using a tamper too late will cause the stamp center to bow down and the edges to turn outward while pushing on the overall surface. Rather than wait too long, stamping should begin the minute that the concrete can bear weight without creating oval-shaped depressions.

Another form of artistry involves the use of evaporation and set retarders. A genuine expert is aware that when the top surface of a stamped hotel pool deck has crusted over, that is not an automatic indicator that it is hard enough to stamp. In reality, the concrete beneath the surface is quite soft. Therefore, when stamping, a rolling effect compromises the surface and leads to the crust cracking.

To prevent the top surface from drying out too early, a professional will apply an evaporation retarder. The set retarder is added to the concrete mix to decrease the amount of time required for setting. This gives the expert additional time to work.

When a true artist installs a stamped hotel pool deck in Orono, he or she creates a unique, beautiful, strong, durable, and long-lasting surface that benefits the owner and guests alike.