Comparing Options for a Residential and Commercial Stain Resistant Floor in Prior Lake

Both homes and businesses in Prior Lake would greatly benefit from a quality stain resistant floor. Fortunately, there are several viable options. Not only are these floors highly resistant to stains, they resist chemicals, water, oil, grease, and other harmful substances. The fact that these floors look gorgeous is definitely a bonus.

Homeowners, especially those with children and pets, have first-hand experience dealing with stained floors. The same is true for most business owners, in particular restaurants, bars, laundromats, and others where spills are an everyday occurrence. Instead of feeling frustrated by the enormous challenge of keeping floors in pristine condition, you have real solutions.

The first recommendation is polished concrete. Whether installed in a Prior Lake home or business, this type of floor is tough and capable of standing up to all kinds of messes, even those caused by mud, snow, and rain. In addition to stain resistant, a polished concrete floor is resistant to traffic patterns, a real problem for many retail stores. There are additional benefits, as well, including excellent moisture protection and easy cleaning and maintenance.

Epoxy is another outstanding stain resistant floor for business and homeowners in Prior Lake. Most people associate this flooring system with garages, which is a popular application. However, because epoxy floors are beautiful, they also enhance any interior space. As long as epoxy floors are properly installed and sealed, they will provide years of flawless service while maintaining their gorgeous aesthetic.

The thing to remember with both polished concrete and epoxy floors is that you can choose from multiple colors, textures, and patterns for your Prior Lake home or business. That means in addition to having a stain resistant floor that is stunning to look at, you can customize it based on your preferences. Both of these flooring systems are excellent options.