Pool Deck Repair

You’re the proud owner of a backyard pool. As such, there’s a pretty good chance that you spend a lot more time lounging at poolside than you actually do in the water. What does that mean? It means simply this – keeping your pool deck in good repair may actually be more important to you than what goes on with your pool.

That’s not to say that we don’t think you should keep your pool in good repair – obviously, if you don’t, you could end up with a ton of problems. However, that’s between you and your pool contractor. At Concrete Coatings, we’re more concerned with what happens with the pool deck.

Chances are, if you have an in-ground pool, the decking is made of concrete. And if it’s old and been exposed to weather, it could be suffering from cosmetic problems like cracking and discoloration. Fortunately, there’s a fix.

You could, of course, just have any concrete contractor come out and apply another coat of concrete to seal the cracks. Or, you could take the opportunity to go to the next level, with attractive stamped concrete. This is your chance to create an outstanding visual effect at poolside – stamped concrete can mimic high-end building materials like field stone, brick, granite, tile and more. It’s surprisingly cost-effective, so why not consider it for your pool re-do? After all, something has to be done to repair your damaged concrete, and when you consider how easy and how cost-effective it is to switch it up, why wouldn’t you?

Can you imagine your neighbors looking at your new pool decking, and marveling at how you’ve managed to achieve a million-dollar look on a thousand-dollar budget?

With stamped concrete, you can resurface your tired, damaged pool deck without breaking the bank. Pool deck repair couldn’t be easier. And once you see how attractive your new pool decking looks, you might want to take stamped concrete a step further. Why not redo your entire patio area? You could incorporate fire pits, seating areas, planters, and more. If people love socializing around your pool now, imagine how they’ll flock to your back yard once you’ve done a total makeover.

We’d love an opportunity to discuss your outdoor living ideas with you, and help you to create the ultimate backyard oasis for your family. Bring us your ideas, and we’ll offer you some of ours. Let’s work together to make your outdoor living dream a reality.