Patio Resurfacing: Perfect for Transforming the Outside Appearance of Your Apple Valley Home

Regardless of the size, shape, color, style, or value of your home, the curb appeal plays a critical role in the overall aesthetic and even value. In other words, if your outdoor landscape is in disrepair, your home does not look as nice as it could. Patio resurfacing will completely transform the appearance of your Apple Valley home.

Even if your existing patio or walkway has cracks, pits, flakes, and other problems, concrete resurfacing is an excellent solution. In this case, an expert will need make all necessary repairs, following by thoroughly cleaning your patio and then allowing it to dry. Once these steps are complete, you can hire a contractor or installer to perform the resurfacing.

Using the right tools and equipment, as well as a high-quality resurfacing product, the installer will apply the material in the appropriate thickness over the prepared surface. Working quickly and efficiently, a special squeegee is used to spread the concrete before it starts to harden. To create a non-slip surface with texture, the installer will use a broom, stamp, or trowel. This method also creates interesting patterns and textures that further enhance both the patio and home.

With concrete resurfacing , the new surface will cure on its own. However, if temperatures at the time of installation are 90 degrees Fahrenheit or above, the surface may be intermittently misted with water. More than likely, your new patio will be ready for foot traffic in just six hours, but the installer will likely recommend the timeframe to stay off of the surface.

What makes concrete patio resurfacing at your home so exciting is that you have the option of choosing from multiple colors and color combinations. You can also choose a decorative overlay, which creates a concrete surface that mimics the appearance of natural materials, including stone, slate, brick, and others.