Create a Safer Walking Surface with the Right Concrete Coatings in Minnetonka

While not all areas of the home need a nonslip surface, some do. Areas that get wet or have steep inclines should offer some form of protection. Walkways leading to and away from the home are a perfect example, especially when covered with rain or snow. Without the right concrete coatings in Minnetonka, the risk of injury increases.

There are several great options for concrete coatings in Minnetonka. For instance, epoxy is an excellent solution. Although this coating is commonly used for garage floors, it is also a great choice for other surfaces, including walkways. Epoxy on its own is strong, durable, and long-lasting. However, when special additives are included in the formula, the surface becomes gritty. This is what makes the walkway slip-resistant, dramatically reducing the risk of falls and slips.

Another option for making your walkway slip-resistant is by having textured concrete installed. The installer can use several different techniques, each achieving the same goal. As an example, some concrete overlays are designed to create texture. The installer can also use the broom technique in which a smooth concrete surface is brushed. This creates small lines and grooves that make the surface safer to walk on.

Just as with epoxy, additives can be included in the formula for other concrete coatings in Minnetonka. In this case, a nonslip surface is achieved in one of two ways. First, a gritty material is mixed into the sealer prior to its application. Second, tape covered with a gritty material is placed facedown on newly poured concrete. This adheres to the surface, creating a safer walkway.

The great thing about epoxy and other concrete coatings in Minnetonka is that not only do you benefit from a slip-resistant surface, you also get to enjoy a beautiful walkway. To enhance epoxy, small metallic pieces are added that create color and shine. As for other concrete coatings, you can choose from a wide range of colored stains to achieve the exact look you want.