Gaining UV Protection with the Right Epoxy System

An epoxy system can be a great solution for a variety of applications, particularly garage floors. Depending on the type of epoxy you use, some of them may break down when exposed to direct sunlight. Much of this degradation can be attributed to the chemical structure of epoxies, which may not be stable when exposed to UV light. For this reason, epoxy systems are typically applied indoors in warehouses, factories, garages, and commercial kitchens. Even when used indoors, however, some epoxy systems can still be exposed to UV light and be vulnerable to damage.

In cases of UV exposure, epoxy systems can experience a number of issues, including yellowing. Such exposure typically occurs via windows, especially north-facing windows. Fluorescent lighting can also prove to be a source of UV exposure for epoxy systems. In the event that your floor should become damaged due to UV exposure, it can affect its value and ultimately lead to the need to replace your flooring. If the floor where the epoxy system will be applied receives a significant amount of UV exposure, you may find it to be a good idea to apply an epoxy system with UV protection.

At Concrete Coatings Unlimited, we offer UV Shield, which is comprised of 100% solids and 100% cross-linked product. One of the benefits of this product is that it can be applied to practically any surface, including stone, tile, wood, and more. It is primarily used as a clear coat over partial or full quartz or flake systems. Additionally, UV Shield can be pigmented quite easily and then used as a colored topcoat. While UV exposure may be common to epoxies, this helps ensure that you never have to worry about the effects of such exposure.