Achieving an Aged, Mottled Look with Concrete Stain

As concrete has become a preferred medium for both indoor and outdoor applications, a variety of design options have emerged. Among the most popular design options for concrete is an aged, mottled look using the traditional concrete stain. This type of design option helps avoid the brand-new look often associated with trendy concrete designs and lends itself particularly well to properties featuring a classic design.

Applied properly, concrete stains will not peel, fade, or chip like most paints and coatings used by many. Additionally, the colors produced by this product are natural, rich and deep, mottled and variegated, creating the perfect backdrop for both commercial and retail applications.

Along with producing a beautiful antiqued effect, Vivid concrete stain is also incredibly cost efficient. When applying this concrete stain, it’s important to note that both the age of the surface concrete as well as the application methods used will have a distinct impact on the hues and tones produced. For instance, in the case of extremely old concrete, it is possible that the stain will either have no reaction at all or very little reaction. For this reason, it is important to carefully consider the condition and age of the concrete where the stain will be applied.

Cleaning the surface concrete is often a necessary prerequisite in order to achieve the desired antiqued or mottled look. In order to protect the final design, it’s important to seal the concrete using a final application of commercial grade sealer. Doing so will help to ensure that your newly stained concrete will maintain its beautiful look for many years to come as well as make the colors pop!