Creating a Stained Basement Floor in Bloomington That Your Kids Will Love

The basement can be a great place for the family to gather. It doesn’t have to be an area where you store the things that you don’t use. It also doesn’t have to have a drab floor, especially if you want to use the basement for more than just storage. A stained basement floor will add personality to the room and even make it brighter. When you have kids, it can make the basement a great place for them to play.

Many Color Options

When you opt for stained concrete, there are different color variations. You can go for a tiled look that uses two different colors every other tile. You can opt for one color or a two-tone effect that will stimulate their minds. A stained basement floor can also have lines and various patterns integrated into them. Concrete stains and dyes can be used together to create different shapes and patterns to make the floor fun. When you have children and you plan on using your basement a lot, it is good to make sure the floor is attractive and stimulating.

You Will Love It, Too

Another aspect of having a stained basement floor is that it will be easy to clean up spills and those messes that children make. This will make you love the floor as well because you can deal with the messiness and the floor will still look great. Because these floors can be protected with commercial grade sealer, the basement floor will last a long time no matter how rough your kids are on it. The coating is scratch resistant so that it lasts as long as possible. The color will continue to look great because of the fact the floor can withstand the abuses that kids can unleash on it. This is an ideal way to have a great floor without the worry that it will need to be overhauled in a couple of years.