Benefits of a Stain Resistant Floor in Your Minneapolis Restaurant

When walking into a restaurant, a customer’s eyes naturally gravitate to the floor. If you own a restaurant, the floor must be immaculate. This is not just in reference to aesthetics, but also cleanliness. In this type of business, keeping the floors clean is a challenge. However, with a stain resistant floor in your Minneapolis restaurant, you can focus on more pressing matters.

Stained restaurant floors are all too common. In addition to a high volume of foot traffic, there are always spills, including water, wine, grease, and so on. Even when tackling the stain quickly, there is little chance of getting it all out. Over time, your floor will look a mess. This will have a huge impact on the number of customers who visit your establishment and, therefore, generated revenue.

For ongoing success, you need to consider a stain resistant floor for your Minneapolis restaurant. If you are in the process of building a new restaurant, you can choose the right flooring system from the start. However, for an existing restaurant, resurfacing is an excellent solution. With this, your current concrete floor remains in place while the surface is rejuvenated. Resurfacing requires little downtime, it produces little mess compared to having an entire floor removed, and the outcome will exceed your expectations.

One of the best options for a stain resistant floor in your Minneapolis restaurant is a metallic coating. Made from epoxy, this coating creates a sophisticated, three-dimensional pattern that is stunning. What makes metallic epoxy floors even better is that they are extremely strong, durable, and long-lasting, and they require little care and maintenance.

Other options for a stain resistant floor in your Minneapolis restaurant include concrete overlays, stained concrete, dyed concrete, stamped concrete, and more. By working with a professional company, like Concrete Coatings Unlimited, an expert will take your design ideas and bring them to fruition.