Understanding the Material Selection Process for Various Concrete Coatings

Before choosing the contractor for your project, it helps to gain some understanding of the material selection process. Companies offer a wide variety of coatings that protect concrete surfaces as well as enhance aesthetics, lengthen surface life, and change the physical performance of surfaces. With so many concrete coatings to choose from for your MN project, the material selection process is critical.

Standard Process

Surface Evaluation – The floor’s surface must be carefully evaluated to determine the appropriate method and type of coatings to use. The surface must be clean, structurally sound, uncontaminated from foreign material, and repaired to prevent interference with the coating process.

Performance Conditions – The next step in choosing MN concrete coatings involves performance conditions. In particular, the potential for chemical exposure, impacts, abrasions, and thermal shock to the surface will dictate the type of flooring system needed. After identifying the type and severity of potential abuse, the contractor will rank them to help determine the type and thickness of coating needed for the project.

Additional Considerations – Coatings do more than protect a concrete surface. Therefore, when going through the material selection process, it is important to consider overall aesthetics, the parameters for installation based on your and your contractor’s schedule, the life expectancy of the concrete, and so on.

The Bottom Line

By going through the material selection process, you will end up with the exact material needed for the job. Be sure to go over the performance characteristics, technical data, and reviews for coatings with your contractor before making your final decision.

It is also imperative to purchase the highest-quality concrete coatings for your MN project. Because Concrete Coatings Unlimited offers superior resources, talent, and training for both residential and commercial projects, you can have confidence in the material selection process and finished project.