Tips for Keeping Concrete Basement Floors Clean and Well-Maintained

Although concrete basement floors are not 100 percent maintenance free, they come close. When compared to other flooring systems, concrete floors are relatively easy to clean and maintain. For that reason, as well as the beautiful aesthetics and incredible design options, concrete has become an incredibly popular choice for basements.

Concrete basement floors need a quality sealant. With this protective layer, both the color and sheen will remain gorgeous. The sealant also protects against wear and tear, which extends the life of the floor. Specific to maintenance, you want to avoid designs that have sawcut patterns. The reason is that the narrow cuts are notorious for trapping dirt.

Polishing concrete basement floors is highly recommended. If you decide otherwise, at a minimum, the floors should be sealed. For an unpolished floor, a commercial-grade sealant formulated specifically for concrete will help protect against abrasions, dirt, and stains. For the areas with the greatest amount of foot traffic, throw rugs and mats will prolong the life of the floor.

Another tip for maintaining unpolished concrete basement floors is to always follow the schedule recommended by the contractor. Typically, all you need is a broom and wet mop. For extremely dirty and stained areas, you will need to use a cleaning solution that is approved by the manufacturer of the sealant or the contractor doing the installation. Unfortunately, harsh cleaners can do serious damage to the floors.

As far as cleaning polished concrete basement floors, the amount of work involved is minimal. The key to maintaining the aesthetics is to establish a maintenance regimen. Beyond a broom and damp mop, you might also consider a special cleaner and conditioner for polished floors. Not only will these special products thoroughly clean the surface, they produce a fine film that is resistant to dirt. If the sheen begins to fade, a commercial polishing compound works great.