Stamped Concrete Overlays for Your Renovation Project

Does your pool or patio area need a face-lift? Most people who haven’t been living on another planet for the past few decades know about the benefits of stamped concrete when it comes to building patios or pool decks, driveways and more.

However, stamped concrete overlays in Minneapolis are also ideal for most repair jobs – driveway repair, patio repair, pool deck repair, you name it; stamped concrete overlays can offer new life to just about anything. An overlay gives you all the benefits of a full stamped concrete installation, but it’s applied over your existing concrete.

Your existing concrete is cleaned, and then the overlay mix is applied using a gauge rake, which is a special tool that ensures the layer is applied evenly. Then the same process is followed as if the contractor had been working from a new installation – the stamping process begins. You can choose virtually any pattern or texture you like, so the overlay mimics more expensive building materials like marble, brick, or sandstone.

Additionally, you can add other effects that customize the look of your project – if you want to add leaf motifs, footprints, or other whimsical effects, it’s up to you.

Inside your house, concrete overlays can be employed as a means of refinishing a tired rec room floor, or improving the appearance of your kitchen with the addition of customized countertops.

If the existing concrete is significantly damaged, with serious cracks or settling, stamped concrete overlays may not be appropriate. Your contractor can advise you. In most cases, a stamped concrete overlay can be applied in thicknesses of up to three quarters of an inch.

If your concrete needs a facelift, or if you’re contemplating new construction, contact us at Concrete Coatings Unlimited for your many options. We’re passionate about decorative concrete, and we’d welcome an opportunity to talk with you about your aspirations and visions for any space in your Minneapolis home. Bring us your hopes and dreams. Call us at 952-292-3581. Our staff has a wealth of experience in the field of decorative concrete, and we will be pleased to assist you. Don’t hesitate – let’s get going on your project!