Polished Concrete Offers More Than Just Beauty

One of the most beautiful flooring options available is polished concrete, but aesthetics is just one of the many benefits of this type of flooring. To ensure your new polished concrete floor exceeds expectations, it is imperative to choose a company like Concrete Coatings Unlimited for installation.


Polished concrete is an extremely durable material. Not only is this a popular flooring choice within homes, but it is also a top contender for warehouse facilities and businesses. When high-quality concrete is used and the installation process is done correctly, your new floor will provide years of superior service.


Polished concrete floors are also highly versatile. As mentioned, this flooring solution is ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes. Due to the process used by Concrete Coatings Unlimited, you have the ability to choose the exact level of sheen. Some of the more common places where polished concrete floors are installed are retail stores, hotels, restaurants, automobile showcases, warehouses, office buildings, and, of course, homes.

Cost-Effective Solution

Polished concrete is one of the most economical flooring options. This cost savings comes from the materials, installation, long wear, reduced maintenance, and saved energy.

Low Maintenance and Repair

You will also discover that polished concrete floors are low maintenance. Because the material does not harbor dirt, dust, or allergens, cleanup is a breeze. Even when installed in high-traffic areas, maintenance is never a problem. Requiring only an occasional damp mopping, there is no need to use heavy coatings or messy waxes on the surface.

If your polished concrete floor experiences wear and tear, cracks, or chips after years of use, the professionals with Concrete Coatings Unlimited possess the expertise to make repairs. These repairs are done quickly without the use of large equipment and leave no huge mess. When finished, your polished concrete floor will look brand new and be just as strong as ever.