How Concrete Restoration Can Transform Your Orono Home

After living in your home for years or even decades, you realize that various concrete surfaces inside and outside have started to look dull. In fact, upon careful inspection, you notice minor surface imperfections. Although you want to update these areas, you have no interest in dealing with a long-term project, excessive dust, and piles of torn-out concrete.

With concrete restoration at your Orono home, you can enjoy beautiful new surfaces in just a day or two and without any mess. Instead of coming to your home with jackhammers to tear out the concrete, the professional installers apply an overlay. Just remember that for an excellent outcome, you want to select a quality product.

If the decking around your pool needs help, consider an epoxy overlay. Not only can you choose from a broad range of colors, but also have quartz beads, colored glass chips, and various aggregates added that create a stunning effect. Epoxy is also ideal for concrete restoration because it has a nonslip surface and remains cool to the touch. That means that people can walk around the pool without burning their feet.

Concrete restoration works just as well for various indoor projects. As an example, you can completely change the functionality and appearance of your kitchen floors. With so many colors, textures, and patterns, you can create a look that perfectly matches the style of the kitchen, such as Spanish, Mediterranean, or contemporary.

In addition to more traditional solutions, such as stamped concrete using carefully placed mats, you can always go with a customized look. In that case, a skilled artisan hand-trowels the product onto the concrete surface. With years of experience and expertise, that individual makes whatever design you want. You can enhance your options by adding color.

Concrete restoration also works on walls, fireplace surrounds, and other vertical applications. Instead of feeling embarrassed when people visit your Orono home, you will feel proud of the transformed concrete surface.