Different Types of Concrete Overlays for Driveways

With concrete overlays, you can transform both the appearance and functionality of the driveway at your Bloomington home. In other words, in addition to changing the way the surface looks, you can also make it safer and easier to clean. Because there are so many different options, it is essential to understand what they are so that, ultimately, you make the right decision.

Stamped Concrete Overlays - Among the different options, stamped concrete overlays have become one of the most popular. With this option, you have almost limitless possibilities. For instance, using templates and stamps, the installer can create a unique driveway that replicates the appearance of stone, brick, wood, slate, flagstone, and more. In addition to that, you can select from a host of colors and even have custom design elements added.

Microtopping - Another option for your driveway in Bloomington is a microtopping. In this case, an expert will apply a thin film on the surface of your driveway. Even if you notice small surface imperfections, a microtopping will hide them, making your driveway appear entirely new. To further enhance the appearance, you can choose to have beautiful saw cut designs added.

Spray-On Acrylic Concrete Overlays - Just as the name implies, these concrete overlays are a type of acrylic that an installer sprays on top of an existing driveway. You have the option of a pre-colored product, or you can have an integral color of your choice added to the formula. For accent, tints, stains, and dyes are commonly used.

Self-Leveling Concrete Overlays - Depending on the look you prefer for your Bloomington driveway, a professional can apply this overlay to create a seamless surface or if preferred, create something more dramatic with saw cuts or engraved designs. This overlay also comes in an assortment of colors using stains, dyes, tints, or integral pigments.

Creating a Safer Walking Surface - For all concrete overlays, aggregates or additives mixed with the product will create a non-slip surface, making it safer to walk on.