Decorative Concrete Outperforms Other Materials for a Commercial Pool Deck in Burnsville

Instead of wasting time and money having a product applied to your commercial pool deck in Burnsville that yields subpar or unknown results, you want something that will last and look gorgeous. Without question, decorative concrete outperforms other materials every time. With incredible choices, you can achieve a look that your guests love.

Although Airbnb has given the hotel industry a run for its money, owners are coming up with innovative solutions to entice people back. In addition to upgraded rooms, better menus at on-site restaurants, and lower prices, many owners have improved their pool decks. If you want to increase business, consider a decorative concrete overlay for the commercial pool deck at your Burnsville hotel.

Although you have many excellent options, an epoxy decorative concrete coating is ideal. With this option, you can select from multiple colors or color combinations. When combined with beautiful textures and patterns, you can create whatever look you want. The minute your hotel guests walk out to the pool, they will notice.

Another reason an epoxy decorative concrete coating is perfect for a commercial pool deck in Burnsville is that the surface remains cool to the touch. That means even on the hottest day, your hotel guests can walk around outside by the pool without burning the bottom of their feet. This coating is also slip resistant, which reduces the risk of someone accidentally slipping and sustaining an injury.

Along with epoxy, spray-on acrylic finishes and stamped overlays work great on commercial pool decks in Burnsville. Both come in a host of gorgeous colors. In addition to textures and patterns, a professional installer can add aggregates to give the surface an even more incredible appearance. Get ahead of the competition by making the appropriate changes, including updating your hotel pool deck.