Cool Ideas for a Mediterranean Kitchen Using Stained Concrete

Today, a Mediterranean-inspired kitchen is a hot trend. If you want to change the look and feel of the kitchen in your Wayzata home, you need more than new appliances, paint, and lighting. Because the floors serve as the foundation, it is essential that you focus on them, as well. In fact, choosing the right flooring system is critical to getting the Mediterranean look that you want.

One of the best options is a stained concrete floor. For that, there are two possibilities, a water-based or an acid-based stain. Although they both produce incredible results, perfect for a Mediterranean-style kitchen, each has unique characteristics. Therefore, it is essential to compare the two so that you choose the right one.

For a water-based stained concrete floor, a professional installer applies a top-quality product directly on top of an existing concrete surface. With a broad range of color options, you can create more than one Mediterranean style. As an example, you could go with a dark brown for a more sophisticated look or choose a green or gold color, both prominent for this style of kitchen.

Acid-based stained concrete is also an excellent flooring solution. Unlike a water-based stain that changes the color of the surface, a product with an acid base penetrates, followed by reacting to chemicals and salts in the concrete. Not only does that permanently change the color of the floor, it also creates a marbled effect.

One idea consists of mixing different colors. For instance, you could have the expert use a light tan for the central area of the floor, combined with a border in dark blue and a lighter tan. Instead of a continuous design around the perimeter of the room, have a blocked design created in each corner using a more substantial volume of blue and light tan.

Another idea is to have bright red, green, or gold accents added to the stained concrete floor. The installer could create diagonal lines, a geometric design, or small motifs that coordinate with the Mediterranean style.